In a previous article, we discussed how trojans routinely bypass antivirus.  In the article, we also showed a teenager using a $50 program to scramble his trojan to make it unrecognizable by all antivirus.  But a hacker recently demonstrated that any trojan could be scrambled beyond recognition with just 10 lines of computer code.

In fact, upon looking at the code, 4 lines are standard requirements for any C++ program.  In other words, the actual code itself is just 6 lines.

Consumers literally pay $billions each year for antivirus programs that hackers can beat with just 6 lines of actual code.  The antivirus industry promotes the myth that only sophisticated hackers can bypass their products.  Meanwhile, hackers can either use a $50 program, or simply do it for free with six lines of actual code.  That’s how useless antivirus truly is.

Note: The researcher not only tested the 10 lines of code on file signatures, but he also tested 10 antivirus programs that use more than file signatures.  The 10 lines of code bypassed the every security technique employed in all 10 antivirus programs.