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Hacker Deterrent Users Safe from CCleaner Attack

Over 2.3 million computers recently got infected when users downloaded copies of CCleaner from the official program site.  Hackers replaced the authentic version of CCleaner with a malicious trojan.  The trojan software secretly transmitted sensitive information to the hacker’s command center (IP Address:

Most cybersecurity products allowed the data to be transmitted because it was being sent by a reputable program (CCleaner).  Fortunately, Hacker Deterrent Pro users were 100% protected from this malicious connection to the hacker’s server.

Hacker Deterrent Pro only allows software to talk to its maker.  For example, Microsoft Word is only allowed to talk to its maker — Microsoft Corporation.  The same goes for CCleaner.  Since isn’t the maker of CCleaner, Hacker Deterrent Pro users know to keep it blocked.  Therefore, not a single bit of sensitive info is sent to the hacker’s server.

The CCleaner hack highlights why everyone needs the unique security found only in Hacker Deterrent Pro.  The patented and patent-pending methods are often the only way to fully protect yourself when hackers use good programs to do bad things.

Public Wifi Warning: Emails and Passwords Visible Even with VPN

Warning: Phones can openly transmit emails and passwords — even with VPNs installed. Why does this happen? What can you do to fix it?

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Viruses vs. Trojans

Which are more common: viruses or trojans?  The answer might surprise you.

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Burlington Electric Malware vs. Hacker Deterrent

Would Hacker Deterrent have blocked the malware recently found on a Burlington Electric laptop?

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Hacker Deterrent 2.1 Beta

Hacker Deterrent 2.1 Beta is available now for Windows 7 & 8.  The Windows 10 beta version will be available January 15.  This release offers seven new powerful features:

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Hacker Deterrent: Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce the launch of Hacker Deterrent 2.0.

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#1 Hacking Method of 2016

The Verizon Data Breach Report for 2016 is out.  So what was the number one hacking method of 2016?  And how can you protect yourself from it?

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Email Security & Privacy

Two recent Yahoo incidents raise serious concerns over email security and privacy:

  • Over 500 million Yahoo email accounts were recently hacked. (NBC News)
  • The US Govt installed a “” backdoor into Yahoo email servers. (The Intercept)

According to a recent Pew Research survey, most Americans (69%) don’t trust their government to be able to keep their personal information safe and secure.  The concern of the majority has already come to pass:

“The program that was installed for interception was very carelessly implemented, in a way that if someone like an outside hacker got control of it, they could have basically read everyone’s Yahoo mail” — “Ex-Yahoo Employee: Government Spy Program Could Have Given a Hacker Access to All Email” (The Intercept)

With the major email providers offering little security and even less privacy, what can you do to take email security and privacy back into your own hands?

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Key To It All

When it comes to defeating trojans, there’s one key to it all: Command and Control Centers (aka C & C Centers, or C2 Centers).  C2 Centers are the very heart of the hacker’s operation.  Copies of the files you read, the keystrokes you type, the videos you watch, etc. are all packaged and sent to the hacker’s C2 Center.  Also, when a hacker wants to control your computer, such as uploading a file, he does so through the C2 Center as well.

Even though C2 Centers are the very heart of the hacker’s operation, half of the security experts at large companies aren’t familiar with them.  This lack of knowledge results in tragic consequences.  For the golden key to stopping hackers is to sever their malware’s connection to the C2 Center.  The moment you do so, the hacker’s entire operation falls apart.

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